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The Holy Trinity Decryption: The Hidden Autobiography of Sir Francis Bacon

The Holy Trinity Decryption: The Hidden Autobiography of Sir Francis Bacon

What if a document existed confirming Sir Francis Bacon wrote the works attributed to Shakespeare? What if that same document included the name of the secret son of Queen Elizabeth I?  What if it also included information leading to an answer about the mysteries surrounding Oak Island, Nova Scotia? What if this document also included the secret of Sir Francis Bacon's true parents, and the names of some of his aliases? And what if these messages had been hidden in plain sight for 400 years? As amazing as it sounds, the plaque adorning Shakespeare's Funerary Monument in Holy Trinity Church in Stratford-upon-Avon is that document. In a narrative that sounds like one of the "National Treasure" movies, follow the clues where they lead as they are uncovered by the author, Jacob Roberts. He lays bare the ciphers used by Sir Francis Bacon to create an intricate system, and the methods the author used to decrypt those messages. See how he followed the clues within the messages themselves, and how these clues led to a famous map containing its own secrets, including directions leading to that mysterious island in the North Atlantic: Oak Island, Nova Scotia. See the keys of the Fra. Rosi Crosse, as well as two submissions of the author's theories submitted to the team of searchers on Oak Island.

The Oak Island Treasure Maps

By request, The Oak Island Treasure Maps was specifically written for fans of the hit television series, The Curse of Oak Island in this shorter and far more affordable format. It contains the end result of the author's research regarding the Oak Island mystery and the involvement of Sir Francis Bacon. The lengthy explanations of the cipher decryptions are removed and instead the text focuses on how the clues from the plaque on Shakespeare's Funerary Monument lead to a very famous map. Bacon's map (under an ingenious alias) contains encrypted directions that lead directly to Oak Island, Nova Scotia. Once there, one needs only to follow the directions provided in the cipher texts of the plaque, and locate the vault of Sir Francis Bacon. This treatment of the material does not contain all of the supporting material regarding how the ciphers were decrypted, so it shouldn't be thought of as an academic exercise. All of that material appears in The Holy Trinity Decryption. This latest edition includes a decryption of a map appearing in the 1611 King James Bible, known to be personally edited by Sir Francis Bacon. The decryption provides specific coordinates that appear to provide the original location of the famed "Money Pit" on Oak Island.

The Keys of the Rosi Crosse and the Ghosts of Bacon

NOW AVAILABLE - The latest installment in The Ghosts of Bacon Series, Keys of the Rosi Crosse and the Ghosts of Bacon, contains more plaque decryptions, a decryption of the "characters" from the Rosi Crosse manifestos, supporting evidence of the aliases used by the Rosi Crosse, and evidence that Francis Bacon wrote the Sonnets attributed to William Shakespeare.  Mixed in with all of this hidden history is more evidence of Francis Bacon's biological parents, along with a stunning revelation about one of histories most famous explorers (not Samuel de Champlain). Messages begin with the autobiography encrypted within the plaque adorning the Shakespeare Funerary Monument in Holy Trinity Church in Stratford-upon-Avon, acting as a form of Rosetta Stone in decrypting the messages of the Fra. Rosi Crosse. These messages appear in portraits, maps, engravings, frontispieces and the ornate headpieces of their publications.

Francis Bacon's parents revealed, ciphers of Sir Francis Bacon, Bacon wrote Shalespeare, Prince Tudor theory

The Holy Trinity Decryption

The Hidden Autobiography of Sir Francis Bacon

For four hundred years, William Shakespeare's Funerary Monument has puzzled generations of historians and researchers. Of particular note is the enigmatic plaque appearing beneath the figure of the bard himself. In The Holy Trinity Decryption, Jacob Roberts takes us through his journey of discoveries searching for answers to a mystery in Nova Scotia, known to millions of viewers through the History Channel hit show The Curse of Oak Island. You will see first hand his surprise when he succeeds in decrypting multiple cipher texts contained within the plaque, especially a history changing  revelation. And this revelation even exceeds the explicit statement by Sir Francis Bacon, that he wrote the works of William Shakespeare. Available on Amazon

Francis Bacon's parents revealed, ciphers of Sir Francis Bacon, Bacon wrote Shalespeare, Prince Tudor theory

Jake Roberts is a veteran English teacher and lecturer, and has spent the last 30 years researching symbolism and secret societies. He is a member of The Francis Bacon Society, the ACA (American Cryptogram Association) and has presented his material from his book The Holy Trinity Decryption in the “War Room” of the hit show The Curse of Oak Island. The author has been a guest presenter on multiple podcasts, most notably on Jeff Freeman’s “The Curse of Oak Island and Beyond,” viewed by thousands of people. He is host of a bi-weekly podcast called "The Ghosts of Bacon," available on Facebook and YouTube. He lives in scenic St. Lawrence County, New York with his life partner Kristie and her three children. He continues to research and decrypt the messages left behind by Sir Francis Bacon, write, runs this website, and the Facebook group "Ghosts of Bacon."

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